Stack N' Tree Drops - Cherry 420mg
Stack N' Tree Drops - Cherry 420mg

Stack N' Tree Drops - Cherry 420mg

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StackN Trees edibles have an abundance of potent gummies with flavors
that will appeal to anybody! Whether you’re looking for something sweet,
sour, or even spicy, we’ll have something to satisfy your cravings.
Each 420MG package conveniently contains 42 Cherry Drops infused with
10MG of THC per Drop. Our edibles are professionally infused, lab tested
and carefully hand packaged in the state of California.

Potency Scale 1 - 5

Balanced Hybrid


Relaxing, increases euphoria, mood, appetite and drowsiness

Consume 5-10 gummies (depending on tolerance)  every 30 minutes for safe dosing 

Great for patients seeking a mellow couch lock high with longer lasting effects than flower or wax
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