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Big Sherblato!!!!

This weed hitssss. Love this strain!!! Bomb high.

Surprisingly bomb

I took a chance on space ape due to no previous reviews or description but I’m glad I did! Was way better than the other stuff on reserve level. Ordered 3x since! Very crystallized and dense.

Uggh it’s decent

Love rolling up the service but this one was way darker than the pictures and definitely not a crumble. After a lot of hits it creates a low budget high. Try something better
You get what you pay for

I like my sprite dirty

Love this concentrate. Had a blast.
Smoke session perfect on low heat.
Great high

Received forbidden fruit instead

Burns quick, pretty dry but got the job done

Space Ape

After endless and endless surprises from Rolling Up. I was surprised AGAIN with some tasty Space Ape Shit! Rolling up it doesn’t get better for the price point! My last cop was your 5 alive and that’s was AMAZING fyi

The OG

Best stuff from Dime imo

The most reliable!!

The best thing about this is not having to worry about the pen dying! I also think 1000mg of the best wax in the market for $55 is not a bad deal whatsoever. I went out to Maryland and that was the price of a half gram pod (given they’re still using marijuana medically) but still the prices are insane anywhere else. Out of state and at any other delivery service available.

Barefoot wax cigars


pretty bomb!

good flavor, great high and great tokes! recommend forsure!

Bomb as hell

The smell, consistency, high and taste were all unique and very potent. I really like this a lot and would recommend it 100%

Fast and Easy, Alien OG was fire

Thats all you need. Great prices, super easy and fast


Loved this strain !


Good stuff Maynard! Want some? Order some Mate!

Stiiizy Pod - OG Kush


I love all of green privlages products but these and the peach o's are my fav!!


Forbidden Fruit is awesome...hope you keep it and get more...the best ever!!!!

Good product

I tried almost all the cartridges from rolling up and this is one of my favorite brand for the price. Hits pretty good. Get me high and I’m a heavy user.

Skywalker OG - Private Reserve

Good stuff

Good, tasty, nice!

Really great, but that stem is huge

The buds are really dense and the high is great! I just wish the stems weren’t so huge, I feel like a good amount of its weight can be attributed to them but otherwise solid bud ❤️

Zookies shake and pink açaí

Pretty low quality and thc content

House Joint