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Great Chocolate

Great Chocolate! has a nice effect, im pretty new to edibles so i wanted to find something that i can stomach. I generally dont like the flavor of cheap edibles. so this was perfect for me. i will be trying the stronger doses eventually.

also my mom loves the dark chocolate lol

Slushie 1 gm thc oil concentrate

Love the fruity aftertaste! The mellow and calming effects combined with joy are noticeable and pleasant. Very smooth flavor. Great intro to vaping I'd say for me.

It was ok

Ok for the price I guess

Good but seeds

I don’t usually leave reviews The flower is really good and all but the fact that I went through two grams and found 9 seeds is not really what I like


Good solid glass cartridge with a smooth taste with a good high!

Taste great

Bought again

100% sweetness

I love a the G-drink


Potency is good

Must buy

Fenomenal product not a single complaint

White Runtz - Standard Reserve

Gelatti - Private Reserve
Derik bernardez

Gelatti - Private Reserve

Saucey Cart - Zkittles 1000mg

Blizzy Single Pre Roll

Very good!


I’ve been ordering these for a while and they taste good and consistent

Zookies - Standard Reserve


I can eat one and be high most of the day. Takes about an hour to feel the effects. Eat edibles.


Great, consistent

Rolling Up House Roll - Ice Cream Cake 1g

Great high It's good taste

Good taste great high better than some of the more expensive cartridges

Good cartridge I buy often

CBD 1:0 Tincture

I have tried numerous times to do without it for my back pain and regretted it each time. I thought CBD was hocum but it’s not. It works! This tincture really helps me. I wish it came in larger amounts as I do go through a lot of it. I use two to four dropper full a night.

Platinum Purple - Top
Aaron marquez

put me right out at bedtime

Bubba Kush - Top

Great smoke for bed time

Stack N' Trees Gummy - Sour Cherry Twins 420mg

I like the high taste good