About Us

Welcome to Rolling Up. We are an inspired group of cannabis advocates that believe in exceptional quality and service. We feel that cannabis consumers should have a reliable and honest way of receiving marijuana. We offer a wide variety of cost-friendly flowers and concentrates, along with anything else you may need to better enjoy your experience. Our operators are knowledgable and courteous, and will put your satisfaction above everything else. 


Here at our collective, we understand sometimes it can be hard to get your weed. Whether it is due to work, errands, babysitting, or simply just not wanting to do anything that day, we are here to help. Rolling Up's core model is to make attaining medicine as seamless as possible. From registering, to ordering, to choosing a product that fits your needs, all the way until it reaches your doorsteps, Rolling Up is happy to make the experience as smooth as possible. 


We spend many hours researching and collaborating with various individuals and entities to bring you the best cannabis products money can buy. Although our items are of high quality, we try to make it as affordable as possible for everyone, because in the end, this is medicine. Try us out and we promise you won't be disappointed!