Will Hemp Products Show Up on Drug Tests?

By Rolling Up

According to the research that is openly available, the short answer is no. If you consume hemp products, whether it’s through food products like hemp protein, hemp cereal, hemp protein bars or through applying it topically lotion or oils it will not show up on a drug test. Hemp based products that are commercially manufactured in the United States are highly regulated and are not allowed to contain any psychoactive properties such as THC in its products. 

With this in mind, you put yourself at risk if you consume products that are not regulated. For example, if you purchase a homemade product from the farmer’s market or choose to make something at home you expose yourself to the risk of testing positively on a drug test because it might contain traces of THC. When purchasing these products, err on the side of caution and ask how the products were made and whether it was tested before packaging if you can. 

Drug tests are not designed to test cannabidiol (CBD), the main cannabinoid found in hemp. These tests are designed to test for opioids, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and other hard substances. If you are a cannabis user, the time that THC will remain in the system will be dependent on a few factors. People with higher levels of metabolisms may be able to metabolize THC out of the system faster. Other factors also include: length of use, frequency of use, dosage/quantity, and overall body mass.

Something you may not know is that if you’ve used any product containing THC in a period of time it could still show up because THC stores in the fat cells. Some companies are testing for both cannabinoids and THC, so it’s appropriate to review yourself with the company’s policy if you are testing.

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