Why the Topic of CBD is Difficult for Veterinarians

By Rolling Up

There isn’t a simple story for CBD. The chemical compound is not psychoactive or toxic. The wide variety of information available on whether or not products are safe are not easily explained. Although CBD products for pets are becoming popular, vets err on the side of caution and it’s a topic that is still taboo. Currently, there are no formal studies on how CBD affects dogs. There’s anecdotal evidence that it can alleviate pain, reduce seizures, and neuropathic pain in dogs. 

Both pet owners and veterinarians are aware they are able to fix mental and physical problems with CBD that traditional medications can’t. Since it’s not a federally regulated product, they are not allowed to advise on practices until it becomes legal on a federal level. Even though the 2018 Farm Bill loosened restrictions on hemp derived CBD products, removing it from the Schedule I designation still exists. Veterinarians could potentially get in trouble legally if they prescribe the wrong types of medications to pets. 

In states like California, Colorado, and Massachusetts where cannabis is completely legal veterinarian is not legal and can result in disciplinary action, which feels absurd because they’re supposed to be the experts that give guidance on animals. There are actions you can take as a pet owner to affect change. 

  • Ask them to improve the current laws that make the proper and safe study of cannabis unnecessarily difficult.
  • Ask them also to change the laws that govern the ability of licensed veterinarians to have these important and necessary discussions and make these recommendations to their clients. They can follow California’s lead and even use Assembly Bill #2215 as a framework for their own legislation in your state.


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