What is Hash?


By Rolling Up

Hash is made up of resin from the cannabis plant. Process of resin separation from the plant has been practiced for a number of centuries. The word hashish derives from the Arabic language, which roughly translates to “grass.” Hash is a homogenous mass of trichomes. It’s made by hand rolling dried and trimmed cannabis flowers. 

THC levels in hash contain 20 to 60 percent. When smoked, the THC shows up in plasma within seconds. Hash is made from cannabinoid rich granular hairs, also known as trichomes. Altogether the hash provides an intense and euphoric high. 

Dry Sift Hash  

Dry sift hash is the technique used to prepare the hash. Similar to kief, which builds up in the grinder after one smokes. However, hash makers are usually using large sifters to achieve large amounts for commercial purposes. When hash was imported into the old world, they were sold in brick amounts. Having hash on hand gives a higher concentration of THC for your existing cannabis. 

How to Make Your Own Hash

Hobbyists have found ways to make hash at home. It’s a matter of buying a few inexpensive supplies from the store. Here’s a dry sift method you can try at home:

  • All you need is varying degrees of metal micron screens. You can get them from the hardware store or buy a dry sifting box. Using a box with different screens will allow you to stay organized in the process. 
  • Run your flowers over the large screen like you would grate cheese. This will take the large sediments off. 
  • If you’re using a box designed for dry sifting, there should be another screen at the bottom. Repeat the process until you’re down to the last screen. It’s not a fast process. 

Uses for Hash

Hash can be used in a variety of ways. It’s usually consumed orally. Due to the high concentration of THC in hash, it’s best to use it as an add on to what you are smoking. Talk to your budtender about the different devices you can use to smoke hash. 


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