What is a Weed Hangover?

What is a Weed Hangover?

By Rolling Up

A hangover describes unpleasant symptoms that happen after drinking too much alcohol. The same thing goes for overconsuming weed. There are mixed feelings about whether or not weed hangovers are real. Weed hangovers can also happen after smoking or consuming weed above your limit. Side effects of a weed hangover include nausea, dehydration, and insomnia. There has been a surprising amount of research on weed hangovers. 

In 1985, a study stated that “marijuana smoking can produce residual (hangover) effects the day after smoking.” The severity of your hangover depends on your tolerance level as well as the type of strain you consume. Strains that contain close to 20% or more THC are more likely to cause hangovers. Hangovers are more likely to happen after taking an edible. The higher ratio of cannabidiol (CBD) to THC, the less likely you are to feel hungover. THC becomes much more potent after being processed by your liver. If you find yourself experiencing more edibles, it may take a day for your digestive tract to process it. 

Sometimes you might be experiencing a continuing feeling of being high from the night before. A weed hangover might be cannabinoids staying around longer than expected. Unlike hangovers from alcohol, weed hangovers are much more manageable. After a night of indulgence, fatigue is the number one symptom most people feel. Although marijuana can help aid sleep, it also leaves users feeling unrested. As with alcohol, there isn’t a fast route to getting rid of your hangover. It requires time. You may want to lounge around and sleep off your weed hangover, but going out and getting physical activity to get your body moving can aid your recovery process. Drinking a lot of water and keeping your body hydrated helps. Reminding yourself to stay hydrated before and after smoking helps relieve the discomfort that comes along with waking up with a headache. In the end, practicing moderation is worth it. 

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