What Do You Do When Your Pet Accidentally Eats Weed?

By Rolling Up

Marijuana in all forms is toxic to cats and dogs. The toxicity can be found more in dogs than cats because they tend to get into things a bit more than cats. If this happens, don’t be worried about calling your vet and telling them the truth. By law, they’re not required to report marijuana ingestion to law enforcement. The experience has been increasingly common as more states legalize recreational marijuana and the industry grows. In 2019, the Pet Poison Helpline has reported an increase of 448% marijuana cases over the last 6 years.

As a pet owner, you might witness your pet consuming marijuana and you might not. Be aware of the signs of marijuana exposure. Common signs are loss of balance, sensitivity to movement or sound, hyperactivity, uncontrolled urination, muscle tremors, and in rare cases, seizures. If you notice any of these symptoms it’s important to respond quickly. You might have a misconception that dogs can have the same high as humans, but that’s not correct. Pets will usually feel scared and feel like they’re in danger. 

If you want to induce vomiting within 15 minutes right when you catch it, try using hydrogen peroxide. Give one teaspoon per 10 pound a dog or cat and they should vomit within 15 minutes. Only professionals will know what to do when it comes to a case like this. To ensure that it doesn’t happen next time, make sure your weed and edibles are out of reach. 

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