Understanding What Pesticides Mean When Consuming Cannabis

By Rolling Up

The word pesticides arises fear among cannabis consumers. Pesticides are a substance that are used for getting rid of unwanted weeds, insects, fungicides, and preventing the spread of bacteria. 

When cannabis is growing, the terpenes ward off unwanted pests, therefore making it a natural defense system. One of the most common pesticides used during cannabis cultivation is insecticide bifenthrin, which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified as a possible human carcinogen. Human carcinogens are any substance that promotes carcinogenesis, radiation that causes cancers. Not all carcinogens are cancer causing and not every carcinogen that you come into contact with will give you cancer. 

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) is a health condition that causes cannabis consumers to experience nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain. At the moment, there is not enough research to define the exact correlation between the two, but some point out that artificial pesticides might be the cause. 

Is it possible for cannabis to be completely clean free? The answer is yes. Growers that are using a controlled environment have to deal less with outside factors interfering with their plants. The law doesn’t always require the disclosure of which approved pesticides are being used. Illegal outdoor grow operations are more likely to use pesticides. Their motive is for-profit in unethical ways and it’s important to go to a reputable dispensary. 

There have been private organizations that have filled in the gaps that federal agencies have left behind providing lab testing and certifications. If you don’t see certification stamps on your products ask that your dispensary look into certifying their products. Some certification programs include: Clean Green, Certified Kind, Organic Materials Review Institute, California’s OIM (Organic Input Materials) Program, and Oregon-based Organic Cannabis Growers Society. Not all organic matter is safe to inhale, but they’re less likely carcinogenic. Being a cannabis consumer is the most powerful position you can be, ask your grower to get organically certified. It will help them out, too. 

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  • Are the buds you sell pesticide free?

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