The Scientific Language of Cannabis Aroma

By Rolling Up

New phrases and terms are always cropping up in the cannabis industry. We’re always learning about different ways consumers are learning and evolving with industry changes. With this in mind, cannabis enthusiasts have built sophisticated vocabulary around describing the taste, aroma, and effects of cannabis. Learning more about the other components deepens our understanding for how the chemical compounds react and enhance the entourage effects.  


Phenolic compounds, also known as phenols, are aromatic compounds much like terpenes and are present in more than 10,000 structures including flavonoids, lignamides, and phenolic acids. Two common phenols that exist in nature are wine grapes resveratrol and aspirin’s salicylate, which is in willow bark. 


Lactones in cannabis cause creamy, buttery, and fruity flavors resembling coconut and passionfruit. It’s rare to find lactones in cannabis. You will find lactones mostly in sun care products, but will find notes of it in cannabis very rarely. 


Ketones is being widely talked about at the moment with the ketogenic diet being popular among many. Ketones are solvent chemicals that contain chemical compounds that exist in both sugar and alcohol. Ketones have a banana-like flavor in cannabis. 

Understanding these chemical compounds will help us determine the future of flavor profiles that consumers enjoy. Picking and pulling apart the chemicals that make up cannabis can help growers and consumers better understand how to create strains that fit consumer trends in the future. 

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