The Potency of Gas Station CBD Products


By Rolling Up 

Have you ever wondered if the potency from a CBD is the same as buying it from a dispensary? The glass case at the gas station glowing with touted CBD products may seem enticing, but let’s learn a bit more. A study done by the CBD awareness project found that CBD bought from gas stations only delivers 40% of the labeled potency. Like every product, there are those who seek profit without considering the consequences of the products they acquire. 

Most people are weary about the credibility and quality of the products due to popularity and Understanding where the CBD oil comes from and how it’s been harvested is the most important. It’s also important to consider when purchasing CBD at a gas station by looking at the price point of the products. 

One of the most obvious signs to spot is the amount of CBD that is actually in the product. For example, some of those cheap “CBD” products contain fillers that aren’t quality oils. According to FDA regulations, it specifies that THC products sold can’t contain more than 0.3% on a dry weight basis or it is considered a controlled substance under federal law. Despite this rule, it doesn’t mean that all CBD companies will honor it. That’s why it’s important to do research on reputable companies that are selling CBD and finding products that are certified. 

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