Now Live!

Hello, Rolling Up Fam !
It has been a couple days since we launched our new website.
There was some hiccups with our loyalty points system for the first 2 days, but all seems to be well now. If you are still experiencing problems with not seeing your points, or retrieving your account, feel free to email us.
We had a couple priorities in mind when creating this website on how to optimize it with the resources we had. We knew that we wanted to make it as user friendly as possible, where patients can understand how to order within the first minute of browsing the site. We also knew that we had to somehow tie all the delivery locations together onto one platform without causing too much confusion with the different stock availability per location. The final priority was having more functionality for patients to easily submit their information or reach out with any questions.
Optimizing User Experience
The first selection patients see when they get onto our website is the option to register. We felt that getting registered with us on the website first was the best approach. This way operators will have the necessary information once web orders are received. Another reason for this is because patients are able to immediately start accumulating points without even knowing (many patients still don't know about our points system).
The homepage is set up into several sections. From featured categories, to brands and products that we are currently enjoying. Think of these sections as an introductory catalog to what's available across our whole platform. By browsing with this method, the stock availability may not be the most accurate because it's showing whats contained within all our locations.
For an accurate stock availability for your specific location, we recommend browsing our website from the drop down menu on the top right. To understand how to use this properly, patients must know which region they reside in by clicking on the delivery zones within each region. It will present you with a list of cities and a visual of the map.
We also acquired a toll free number and company email to merge all our point of contacts into one for easy organizing and communication.
More Functionality
Addition features were implemented onto the website for a more streamlined experience. On our footer menu at the bottom, patients will see different forms they can use to submit their information or reach out to us. Link to get a medical recommendation is available as well on our footer menu.


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