Misconceptions About Weed

Misconceptions About Weed

By Rolling Up

There have been hundreds of misconceptions about weed due to about one hundred years of propaganda in the United States. Even after legalization, the mainstream media continues to push out stories with depiction of lazy stoner culture and criminal activity. The topic of cannabis does not bode well for some, but we are here to help you guide those conversations around popular misconceptions. 

Marijuana is a gateway drug

This misconception and myth is persistent. The majority of people who use weed do not go on to use harder substances. Some people think that using cannabis affects neural pathways that lead to the taste for harder drugs, but there’s little evidence to back up these claims. 

Weed is only used for people to get high

Researchers have found that legalization of marijuana did little to decrease stereotypes of weed. Many reports have been put out by our very own government that links cannabis as a medicinal product. The benefits of cannabis outweigh the risks. When doctors are asked to weigh in on cannabis, it’s considered less dangerous than other drugs and substances.

CBD is only a trend and doesn’t work

Everywhere you look you can find a lot of well packaged CBD products, but don’t let packaging guide you in the wrong direction. Trends raise questions, but the truth is that the FDA has approved only one CBD product, Epiliodex, an epilepsy medication. To say it doesn’t work isn’t true. Before you purchase, do your research and remember to follow these rules

Weed should only be used medicinally 

The term medicinal is a subjective term that varies from person to person. What if you had a bad day and your boss gave you a hard time? What if someone cut you off in traffic? What if you don’t want to crack open a beer or have a glass of wine or don’t even drink? Stress, wanting to be happy, or wanting to unwind are all good reasons and they shouldn’t be discounted. If you compare cannabis to alcohol, cannabis is the safer option for a few reasons. Even though alcohol is a socially more accepted option, 100,000 Americans die from alcohol related injuries. Alcohol costs American taxpayers over $249 billion a year. When examining the risks and rewards of cannabis, using cannabis is safer and more economically sound than alcohol.

The bottom line

There are tons of myths and misconceptions out there about cannabis. From the scientifically backed case studies we can infer that cannabis can have an overall positive place in society. More importantly, it has the power to heal. 

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