Is It Better to Grow Weed Indoors or Outdoors?

By Rolling Up

Before legalization, most people were hush hush about growing plants indoors, but now there’s more freedom when it comes to growing the plants outdoors. There are pros and cons when it comes to growing marijuana indoors and outdoors. Some people use the mixture of the two techniques and grow their plants outdoors first before bringing them inside. It’s all dependent on personal preference and what your growing purposes are, whether it’s for business purposes or personal use. 

There are major considerations that come with choosing to grow outdoors, mainly privacy and security. Climate should also be factored into. The climate should have a warm growing season for the plants to thrive. There should be plenty of water nearby and accessible to check in on the plants at least once a week.Growing outside comes with its set of risks. Interference from bugs, animals, flooding, thieves, and other uncontrollable factors.

If you are growing outside, consider the risk factors. If you’re a hobbyist growing a few plants outside for your pleasure it should be fine, but if you’re living in a city with neighbors then growing inside gives you peace of mind. One of the benefits of growing outside is the low startup costs: natural light, free ventilation, and less tending because it’s growing in its natural environment. One of the cons of growing cannabis outdoors is that it requires much more trimming and upkeep. 

Growing indoors requires a controlled environment, which requires more startup costs with lighting and setup. There are many benefits growing indoors and it’s discreet. Indoor plants are less likely to suffer from bugs, pests, and uncontrollable factors from the outdoors. 

Generally, the quality of indoor grows are more likely to have better quality than outdoor grows. Many growers believe that indoor buds are of higher quality than outdoor buds, which is why indoor buds end up selling for much more on the market. One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing your method is to consider time. Most people want their plant to grow as soon as possible and indoor is the best possible method. 

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