How to Use a One Hitter

By Rolling Up

Sometimes you want to take a hit on the go and not go through the trouble of packing a bowl, joint, or blunt. A one-hitter is a device that does the job. A single hitter is a small pipe designed to hold a single serving of weed for one hit. It’s made out of glass, acrylic, or metal. The design of some one hitters can resemble a cigarette. 

A one hitter is easy to use. Just pack it with your favorite herb and light it as if you were smoking a joint and enjoy. You can remove the ash by giving it a quick tap. One hitters hit the lungs with much more intensity than you would get from a bowl or a joint. For those who are sensitive to smoke, consider sticking to less abrasive and smoke free forms such as vaping, tinctures, capsules, and edibles. 

In addition to one hitters, you will find two and three hitters. There are pros and cons to having a multi-hitter: Multi-hitters produce more smell which can be a drawback when you want things to be discrete, but they also allow you to consume more when one hit isn’t enough. Both one hitters and multi-hitters allow you to pack and enjoy your herb easily. 

There are benefits that come along when using a one hitter. The mechanism allows you to microdose minimal amounts of marijuana. Studies have shown that medical patients reap more benefits when it comes to showing more relief with less side effects. 

One hitters are available across all 50 states. Since they’re used for tobacco as well it’s easy to find them at a dispensary or smoke shop. It’s a great tool for that emergency hit. 

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