How to Pack and Smoke a Bowl

By Rolling Up

There are many ways to smoke cannabis. One of the most simple ways that a cannabis lover comes around to practicing is packing a bowl. It’s an essential lesson that enthusiasts can benefit from learning. It’s not a complicated process and we can help you walk you through the process on how to pack a perfect bowl. 

Choose the right pipe

Cannabis pipes are mainly made of borosilicate glass due to the fact that it’s incredibly versatile. They’re very simple to find at gas stations, gift shops, and online, especially on Etsy. The most common shape that you will find is a “spoon” and they’re easy to use and are usually inexpensive.

Pick a strain

If you want a daytime high, go for a sativa. If you want to veg out and watch your favorite show on Netflix, go for indica. 

Break it up with your hands

Using a grinder for your bowl will make it too fine. Instead, opt for breaking the weed with your hands. It will have a slower burn rate than finely grated weed. Finely grated weed is also much harder to pack. A grinder is fine for a joint or a blunt, but for a bowl just stick with your hands.

Don’t dump your weed into the bowl

It might seem like common sense to pick up the weed with your index finger and thumb. Some people miss this step. You have more control on how it's packed and how much goes in by doing this. You can overstuff the bowl if you carelessly dump the weed into your bowl or make a big giant mess everywhere. It will block airflow if you carelessly let this happen. Take your time.

The art of packing

You want to get the most out of your bud. When packing your bowl, make sure to pack the larger bud chunks in first before anything else. The bigger chunks will act as a foundation for your bowl. Put the smaller buds next and sprinkle any excess evenly as possible. Your bowl should be evenly packed. 

Light it up and take a hit

If you’re not an expert in this field we will save you the trouble of doing research and provide you with the proper steps on how to take your first hit. To properly take a hit, keep your thumb plant over the bowl while you’re lighting it. Inhale and block the carb (the little hole on the side of the pipe) and pull the heat into the bowl and release the carb dragging clean hit of smoke and air. Once you exhale, you will feel a release in your head. Don’t worry the high won’t hit right away.

Ash it away

Keeping your bowl clean after you smoke will save you a lot of heartache in the future. Simply turn the bowl upside down and knock the ash out. If it’s clogged then grab a paper clip and unfold it to form a little pick to unclog your bowl. See our guide on how to clean pipes and bowls for your pieces long term care and clean smoking pleasure.

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