How to Make a Cannabis Candle

By Rolling Up

Aromatherapy has been around for centuries, aiding in creating a stress free and calming environment. Many religious sectors have used cannabis incense long before it was known that it was a psychoactive plant it is known as today. We are living in stressful times and it’s important to wind down and take things slow. Cannabis has the power to reach deep meditative thoughts and provide clarity. 


Pint Mason Jar 

Hemp wick

1 pound of soy wax

1 cup of organic coconut oil

1 ounce of CBD isolate

Hot glue gun

Oven mitts

Double boiler

Food thermometer



  1. Melt the soy wax and organic coconut oil in the double boiler at medium-low heat.

  1. Use your glue gun to attach your hemp wick to the bottom of your mason jar. Make sure you are centering your wick properly and allowing a length of hemp that will permit for trimming the wick later on.

  1. Secure the wick by using the cardstock. Cut the cardstock bigger than the mason jar top. Cut a hole in the middle of the card, allowing for the pouring of the wax into the jar. The wick should now be suspended perpendicular to the bottom of the jar.

  1. When the wax is melted, allow it to cool down to 120-140°F. 

  1. Now is the time to add your CBD oil to the mixture and be sure to blend it into the wax before moving on for an even distribution of the oil.

  1. Pour your wax into the mason jar being sure to leave about 1cm space from the top of the jar.

  1. Allow the mixture to cool and trim the wick down to about ½ inch.

Cannabis scented candles can help enhance meditation practices and help release stress during the end of the day. What do you do to unwind?

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