How to Hide the Smell of Weed Like a Pro

By Rolling Up

Our breath, hands, and clothes smell the most before and after smoking. It’s easy to forget about the outside world, but it’s one of the most difficult smells to hide. There are many reasons to hide the smell of weed, try these tips to make your efforts successful. Preparation is key and there isn’t a reason to get paranoid. 

Breath Mints and Hand Washing

Keep breath mints and gum on hand afterwards. If possible, wash your hands to eliminate the smell from lingering. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water right after you roll a joint or pack a bowl to eliminate the smell before you even start. If you’re not near a sink, keep some hand sanitizer and lotion with you.

Let’s Talk about Ventilation

Investing in an air purifier while being indoors can eliminate the smoke as soon as it happens. It’s best to open a window or ventilate the air whenever possible to prevent hot boxing. Odors can collect on in your surroundings if you don’t ventilate properly. Whether it’s smoking indoors or outdoors, be sure to tilt your head up and blow the smoke away from you to mitigate the smell. 

Homemade Sploof

A sploof or homemade doob tube can help conceal the smell during smoking. It’s a container to help you blow smoke through to neutralize the smell. It can be easily made by stuffing dryer sheets to a paper towel or toilet paper tube. 

Body Sprays 

You might not always have an extra pair of clothes handy, but you can carry a neutral smelling spray to help freshen up. We really like the line of sprays from Cannabolish. Artificial smells tend to make it obvious that you are trying to mask a smell. Before venturing out into public take a few minutes to air out and fix yourself up. 

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