How to Help a Friend Who Got Too High

By Rolling Up

Cannabis effects each and every person differently. If you find yourself in a situation where someone you care about has vaped, eaten, smoked too much cannabis there are methods to help a friend that are too high. 

First things first, you need to identify the warning signs of someone being too high. Sometimes your friend might be too scared to ask so it’s important to understand the key signs. You may notice them acting strangely, disengaging in conversation, looking off into the distance, and becoming agitated and maybe aggressive. Start by asking your friends some questions to see what their responses are. They might be riding the high on their own. If they’re too far out there and can’t form words, try helping them sober up.

Relax and Breathe

One of the most helpful things you can tell your friend is that the high will pass and check their heartbeat. Encourage your friend to take it slow and have them take a deep inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth to stay calm while lying on their side. Breathing on your side is said to help calm the nervous system. 

Water and Snacks

Having water and light snacks on hand can help distract the high. Keep in mind that hydrating does not mean alcohol. Alcohol can increase THC blood concentrations. Feeding your friend and keeping light snacks on hand can help them feel more grounded. They may not like eating during this time but try to have nuts and fruits that are light and can help ride the high faster. 

Distract with Activities

Your friend’s mind might be racing and feeling anxious about when their high is going to end. Try distracting them with a conversation, a TV show, or a video game to get their attention pointing outward. Time will feel like it’s going much more slowly if they’re stuck in their thoughts so distracting their mind with lighthearted activities will help them feel more at ease. 

Try Some Pepper

Black pepper can help combat anxiety when high. A lot of people swear by this trick of chewing on them. It might seem like an old wives tale but the chemical reaction when black pepper and cannabis can cause calming effects. Also, aromatherapy with lavender and jasmine essential oils can help alleviate the anxiety and stress. 

Make it Comfortable

No matter how bad the high is you can help make a relaxing place that is safe for your friend. Your expressions need to come off as cool and collected as possible since a bad high can make it seem like something bad is going on. Make the environment as calm and stable as possible. 

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