How to Become a Budtender

By Rolling Up


The legalization of cannabis will continue to create more jobs. Being a budtender is one of the many jobs that will continue to show growth. A budtender is someone who works behind the cannabis dispensary counter. It requires a high level of skill set and attention to detail when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of cannabis strains and products. They are experts in cannabis strains, concentrates, and edibles. Not only are they experts in cannabis, but have a wonderful skill to interact with a variety of cannabis customers and understand their needs. 

It might not be an easy job to find, but if you’re looking for a career change it might be for you. In order to become a budtender, you must have an insurmountable amount of knowledge on cannabis. Understand the origin, variety of strains, smoking techniques, and products that are out there today. In addition, understanding the health benefits associated with cannabis is also important. Medical marijuana patients will want a certain level of expertise involved before purchasing and want you suggest alternative solutions.

A huge part of customer facing work is customer satisfaction. Customers love excellent customer service. Understanding patience when it comes to your interactions is essential. Etiquette and professionalism is important to keep in mind.

Salary and wages are dependent on your level of expertise. After considering tips, you could earn $15 an hour as an entry level budtender. One of the benefits is that you will be crucial in reducing the stigma associated with cannabis. Being a budtender will expand as legalization becomes more widespread. Connect with industry leaders to find out more about if it’s the right job for you.


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