How Technology is Shaping the Cannabis Industry

By Rolling Up

The last decade alone has been a game changer for cannabis. New products have involved various technological breakthroughs and have invented new ways to get us high. From edibles to gummies, drinks, vapes, capsules, new products are always being engineered and developed. Here are some of the ways technology has changed the game.

Medical Marijuana Card Online

Many people suffer from chronic health conditions. NuggMD allows for an easy process to get a medical marijuana card in qualifying states (California, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma). Telemedicine is changing the way people interact with healthcare providers for their medical needs.

DNA Sequencing

Modern genomics might be a way to unleash the full potential for the plant. Cannabis growers are investigating sativa’s DNA and assembling how the blueprint for the plant generates the chemical within. CRISPR claims to have developed a technology to allow the gene editing of cannabis plants containing no THC or CBD. The bioengineering of cannabis can allow room for more experimentation that can provide for efficient outcomes. 

Better Personalized Products

Finding the right strain for you can prove to be a challenge. Strains have a variety of benefits ranging from mellow to intense. CannabisDNA is a new company that is administering tests that uses 70 genetic markers to create a cannabis profile that suits you and your personality type. The future of cannabis will be based on personalization. 

Growing Lights

It’s no secret that cannabis needs a wide spectrum of light in order to thrive and grow. In large scale indoor growing sites, bulbs get expensive. NASA has been experimenting with growing crops in LED light. The technology is proving to be a success. One of the benefits of using LED lighting is that it allows for growers to save on temperature control. 

App Based Businesses

Dispensaries are well-lit and provide transparent business for consumers looking to purchase. Delivery services have made it easier for customers to get cannabis delivered right to their door. 

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