How Strong is a Dab?

By Rolling Up 

Cannabis concentrates are diverse and processed in a variety of ways. What are dabs? Dabs, also known as weed shatter, pull n snap, honeycomb, resin, and CO2 wax. A high from dabs is much stronger than smoking weed. 

Dabs are usually made out of leftover shake and leftover parts from a cannabis plant. The process for dab weed is extracted using the butane process. The butane is used to extract terpenes, cannabinoids, and other essential elements. After the extraction process, the butane is removed through evaporation. This leaves the sticky residue known as the cannabis dab. 

Here are the common variety of dabs you will find:

Shatter - This dab resembles amber glass and breaks easily if it’s below room temperature. 

Honey Oil - A thick liquid consistency that also has an amber tone. It’s also known as honeycomb, oil, and 710.

Butter - It’s malleable and resembles a consistency like peanut butter

Wax - Resembles the consistency of brown sugar. Some say it looks like ear wax due to its crumbly texture. 

Live Resin - This type of dab is not made with the leftover cannabis plant but rather with live plant matter. It’s hard to find this type of dab. 

Dabs can have 80-90% of THC, which makes it stronger than smoking a normal joint or bowl. Even the strongest weed strains out there will have an average of 25% of THC. The strongest dry flower strain has 34%.  Dabs are extremely potent and it’s easy to consume an excess amount without the user realizing it. Dabs take about 10 minutes to kick in and many people find it hard to resume back to what they were doing after smoking a dab because of the potency. 

There are risks involved when smoking dabs. They have a higher rate of having chemical compounds that are hazardous in the dabs. This practice is high amongst sellers who are selling counterfeit products and mix other chemicals with dabs in order to turn over a higher profit. 

Dabs can be consumed in a number of different ways. The ideal consumption for a dab depends on the consistency that is purchased and the person who is consuming it and the habits of the person consuming it. One of the most cost effective ways to consume a dab is by sprinkling it on top of your flower for more flavor. This is like salt and pepper seasoning, but for your flower.

The most popular way to consume a dab is through a “dab rig” or “oil rig”, which is a pipe designed for dabs. The dab is placed on an attached nail and a blow torch is used to heat the dab before applying it to the hot surface of the rig. This whole process creates vapor that can be inhaled. Dabbing is not the same as smoking. 

In conclusion, just have fun with it and learn your limits. You can find a whole culture dedicated to dabbing by using the 710 friendly hashtags and talking to other dabbers to learn more about methods and techniques. 

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