How Long Does Cannabis Stay in Your System?

By Rolling Up

The effects of cannabis can quickly fade in the body, but its chemical compounds can exist in the system and breakdown ranges from a few hours to 90 days. The detection window depends on the testing method: most common are blood, urine, sweat, and hair testing. 

To better understand how THC stays in the body, understanding how THC travels throughout the body. When cannabis is smoked or vape, the THC enters through the lungs and from there it is carried through the bloodstream and enters the endocannabinoid system. After it gets pumped through the heart and binds to the CB1 receptors located in the brain and central nervous systems, as well as hitting the CB2 receptors in the spleen and immune systems. 

Here are some factors that play into how long THC stays in the body:


The more that is consumed the more energy it takes for your body to break it down. 

Frequency of Use

People who use cannabis regularly have reported positive drug tests after 45 days since last use and those who quit can have their results show up after 90 days after quitting.


Body fat and metabolism plays a huge potential in how long cannabis stays in your system. It’s impacted by age, physical activity, and existing health conditions. People who have a higher amount of body fat have a higher chance of storing THC in their system for much longer. 


Different human beings inherit a cytochrome that is P540 which is an enzyme that determines the breakdown of THC in urine.

There isn’t an exact science to when THC is eliminated from the body, but existing research can better help us understand how the body processes it and gives us a rough estimate on timeframe. 

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