Does Coughing Make You More High?

By Rolling Up

In cannabis culture, there’s an urban legend that coughing can make you more high and high faster. There are some that believe coughing induces more airflow into the lungs and pushes the THC into the lungs faster. Let’s take a deeper look into the relationship between coughing, not coughing, and its relationship to THC. 

When smoking cannabis, coughing usually occurs naturally when irritants such as smoke and tobacco enter the lungs. It is true for inexperienced smokers who haven’t had much smoke enter their lungs. When coughing after a hit, air and THC is released immediately and reduces the amount of THC concentration into the body. Less THC enters the alveoli, the tiny air sacs which are responsible for blood exchange in the body and sending THC via oxygen into your bloodstream.

The popular trope of holding in your breath after taking a hit might get you high, right? Not so fast. It’s not necessary to practice any methods with your lungs while taking a hit. After taking a hit, about 95% of THC is absorbed into the body.

Oxygen deprivation is the likelihood behind the sensation of feeling higher. When you hold your breath, the reduction of oxygen is declining at a slow rate and depriving your brain of oxygen. In the end coughing is not needed to get you high. It’s a myth.

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