Does Cannabis Go Bad?

By Rolling Up

Preserving your bud can be tricky. It must be well preserved or it can go bad. Unmaintained weed can mold and cause health issues. One thing about cannabis when it is stored well is that it can last up to 3 years. As it ages, the potency decreases. Here are some of the best methods to store your precious flowers:

Mason Jars and Amber Bottles

Mason jars are really cheap and they are the best way to keep your cannabis fresh. The key is filling up the jars so there isn’t extra air left in the container. Amber containers don’t allow light in as easily as clear glass, which is why beauty companies use it to store their products. 

Dark Cabinets

If you don’t have any mason jars or amber bottles lying around, we suggest storing it in any container you may have in a dark cabinet. Exposure to light decreases the potency of your flowers as time goes on. If you leave your bud on the coffee table or out, the light will degrade the trichomes. 

Track Humidity and Temperature 

Keep in mind that moisture and humidity is a factor to keep in mind when storing your bud. Exposure to any moisture can lead to mold growth. Try to strive to keep your bud at 65% humidity. In addition, keeping in a cool place can help with preservation. 

Refrigerator is Not an Option

Refrigerators and bud are not friends. Freezer destroys the trichomes in your bud. If you store it in your refrigerator there are temperature fluctuations that can hurt your cannabis. 

If you’re the type to smoke all of your cannabis when you buy it, then you might not need any of these tips. 

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