Creative Ways to Increase Your Cannabis Experience

By Rolling Up

There are a full breadth of cannabis opportunities out there if you’re ready to take them. If you are getting bored of your cannabis routine or are looking to try something new consider trying these ways to enhance your cannabis experience. 

Get Cooking

The culinary world has opened up creative avenues for cannabis experimentation. There are new dishes being made everyday with cannabis and innovation is evolving as new products open up. There are a ton of great cookbooks to get you started. We love Cannabis Cookbook 2020 and Bong Appetit. You will find recipes for every diet and your favorite foods. If cooking isn’t your thing, we always keep a stock of edibles on our site

Start a Cannabis Journal 

There are new strains of weed popping up all the time. If you’re an enthusiast, keeping a journal of the strains you try and your reaction to them will help you refine your taste over time. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the Cannabis Journal from Goldleaf.

Eat a Mango

Believe it or not, mangoes and weed are a match made in heaven. Mangoes contain a chemical compound called myrcene, a terpene that gives mangoes their fragrant smell. Myrcene interacts with THC and CBD almost synergistically when consumed. Try this the next time you smoke weed and see how you feel. 

Incorporate into Your Skincare Routine 

New cannabis products are being created all the time. When it comes to skincare and beauty, the options for self-care are overwhelming. Things like cannabis-infused bath bombs, lotions, body scrubs are a fun way to use cannabis. As with cannabis-infused food recipes, there’s a ton of recipes out there for cannabis infused products out there to make. 

Get Physical

If you love working out, you can incorporate cannabis supplements to help you recover after working out. While we don’t have hard science to prove that it enhances physical exercise in any way, people have reported extra motivation and enhanced recovery. Experimentation is critical. You don’t want to be too high on the treadmill machine. 

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