Coronavirus Response, Cannabis Companies Shifting to Virtual 4/20 Celebrations

Month long celebrations were due for the well-known cannabis holiday which was the one for the books, but the universe had other plans. The overwhelming spread of COVID-19 has led global events to over 50 million event cancellations, including conferences, the Olympics, SXSW. Companies have adapted and there are ways to celebrate the high holiday through the quarantine madness

The Dabvent Calendar

The Dabvent Calendar is a collaborative Instagram giveaway founded by Higher Celebrations. Each day influencers and partners reveal a new surprise in the calendar. Higher Celebrations is working with 19 companies to keep the party going and to keep the connection alive during these isolating times. Everyday at 4:20 pm, the announcement will be made on BirthJay’s Instagram.

Master Your Jointrolling

Tony Greenland is a joint rolling artist. He’s famous for rolling joints in 4/20 friendly shapes and colors: Pikachu, a dinosaur, a taco, Pink Panther, Rick and Morty characters. He has also created a world record sized blunt that weighed 4.5 pounds in the shape of a watermelon. The dedication to his craft has attracted A-List clientele. In his new series, Let’s Roll with Tony Greenland, he will connect with each celebrity and make their “wildest joint dreams come true.” Featured talent include Hannibal Burress, Bella Thorne, Blake Anderson, Niki Glaser, and Ron Funches. The series will be airing on the short from streamer Quibi

Share Love, Music, and Love of Cannabis with Lightshade 4/20 Party

Lightshade, a Denver-based marijuana dispensary has decided to bring together the community through an all day streaming event, which will be hosted on Twitch. The event is expected to have an attendance of about 50,000. Lightshade will also have an embedded Venmo account for participants to make donations to charitable organizations that will help service workers that are on the frontlines of the coronavirus. “This is more about social responsibility than it is about hosting an event,” Lisa Gee, Lightshade Director of Marketing and Social Responsibility, said.

Created by the Stoned, for the Stoned: Spliff Film Festival

Nothing like spending time in quarantine watching movies. SPLIFF is an underground film festival that’s usually hosted in Seattle, Portland, Denver, and San Francisco. The series of shorts is a way of celebrating the cannabis plant through strange and laugh out loud storytelling. It’s now available for streaming

Puff, Pass, and Paint at Home

Puff, Pass, & Paint founded by Heidi Keyes is the country’s first cannabis painting class. There’s nothing like painting and feeling like Bob Ross when you’re high. Teaching techniques include pet portraits, watercolor, mixed media, acrylic. Once done with your masterpiece the company asks you to send in your work (nice and stoned).

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