Coronavirus' Grip on Cannabis

The coronavirus has officially hit the US in multiple states with cases now rising. Most recently reported death toll is at 6, all in the Washington State.
In a time like this, we want to talk about how this outbreak will affect our industry and what we can do to protect ourselves from being exposed to the virus.
What We Know
First off, we know that covid-19 dubbed "coronavirus" is similar to a severe flu with extreme cases resulting in pneumonia and respiratory failure.
Although the fatality rate is low among people under 59 (0.2%-1.3%), it is highly contagious and can be transmitted through air droplets. We also know that the elderly are weaker against the virus, especially ones with pre existing medical conditions. 
What We Can Do
Even though this all sound very bad, there are some light in this dark time. Because the coronavirus is similar to the common flu, there are proven preventative measures we can take to protect ourselves.
Washing your hands with warm water and soap regularly will help more than we know.
Try avoid touching things with your hands in public like door handles, stair rails, elevator buttons, or even handshakes and sharing blunts.
Avoid traveling and going to places with large crowds.
By taking these preventative steps, we decrease our likelihood of being exposed to the virus. 
So How Will It Affect The Cannabis Industry?
Our society has become largely dependent on China made goods due to its low cost. Many industries' supply chains relay back to China, the epicenter of this virus. With so many businesses and factories closed, workers being recommended to work from home, a lot of the materials and packaging that our industry needs will be halted. Vaporizer companies will run out of hardware, oil extractors will have to wait to receive their machineries, growers will have to slow expansion with depleting cultivation equipments. We will feel the ripple effects throughout the economy into other sectors, as people try to stay home more and avoid going out.

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