Controlling Cost in Cannabis

California has become the central hub for cannabis, with people from all over the country coming to experience the recreational marijuana market. There are tons of things going on everyday, from dealing with the business to reaching out to vendors and marketing companies, what are some ways businesses can keep their cost down?
Cutting cost is an important step that many companies have to go through. This can be widely achieved in many ways, from automation to improving efficiencies, or even buying bulk to negotiate competitive pricing. 
Cannabis companies work with many vendors throughout their business, like for hardware, packaging or products. An effective way to be competitive is to establish a sound relationship with your vendors. As businesses, or even consumers, a lot of times we tend to seek out the cheapest price. It remains largely more robust when well founded relationships are built with people you trust and enjoy instead of just being cheaper in price. By building these foundations with vendors, often times businesses can have more leeway with payment plans and consignments. This allows for more cash flow to be competitive in other areas. 
Automation has become a large factor in many businesses throughout society. With large corporations making robots to do the most repetitive tasks, small corporations can learn from these practices in theory as well. Although small firms may not have the resources like big corporations, many small companies have the advantage of personalizing their connection with customers due to their relatively smaller size. In many cases, substantial cost can be saved just by simplifying the business. From the organization of data, to improving the process of transactions, simplifying these steps would save much time and cost.

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