Common Terminology and Slang Every Cannabis Consumer Should Know

By Rolling Up

As time goes on, cannabis slang terms have evolved. Today, there are at least 1,200 slang terms used to describe marijuana, whether you like to call it kush, bud, alfalfa, the list goes on. In 2017, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) created a list of drug slang codes. Some of them being outlandish and disconnected from reality. 

As you skim the list, you will see that terms like “terpenes” and “MMJ” (short for medical marijuana) are not slang terms, but actual terms used to describe cannabis. Here are list of common slang terms used today: 

Slang for Weed (The Plant Itself):


Referring to high quality top most flowering buds of the cannabis stalk


Similar to nug, the mature flower of the marijuana plant. 


Used to describe a skunky smell. It’s surely a good thing. 


This term has Spanish roots, dating back to Mexican slang for those under the influence known as “greefo” which later became abbreviated as reefer. 


Hindi word for hemp plants


Refers to the cured cannabis plant opposed to extracts, concentrates, or edibles

Slang for Weed Measurements


Grams are not an official measurement in the U.S. Generally, this is the smallest amount that you can purchase.


Step up from a gram, which makes it 3.5 grams.. It's the most common increment for cannabis.


Also known as 7 grams.


14 grams, or a half an ounce, of cannabis. 


A single measure discussing larger amounts. The term comes from Ziploc bags. 


Also known as quarter pound. 


One pound. The term elbow comes from the common abbreviation for pound. 

Slang for Weed Culture


Taking a hit means to inhale or otherwise consume cannabis. 

Puff Puff Pass

Essential cannabis etiquette to understand. This means you never take more than two puffs from a bowl or joint before passing it.

Throw 5 On It

Commonly used for splitting the cost of a blunt. Each person would throw down $5.


710 is used to highlight concentrates and dabbing. 420 has been used as a signal that an environment is accepting of the cannabis culture. 

Slang for Weed Consumption Devices


A tobacco wrap that is hollowed out and filled with cannabis. It usually contains 1 gram of cannabis. 


Paper or hemp wrap that is rolled like a cigarette with ¼ grame of more of cannabis.


A joint or blunt that is rolled with a mix of both cannabis and tobacco. 


A device that vaporizes the cannabinoid in your products. It allows consumers to enjoy the full benefits without irritants associated with smoking and inhaling via combustion. 


A tube-shaped water filtration pipe allowing consumers to take large hits.


Also known as piece or spoon. It has a top facing bowl shape to put ground up weed into and a carb hole that allows you to clear smoke. 


A straight conical glass pipe with an end to end channel. It was originally designed to be hit by cupping your hands.


A small pipe, often designed to look like a cigarette. It holds 1-2 hits and must be reloaded each time. 


These pieces feature a nail instead of a bowl to place dab concentrates on. 


A blowtorch that is to vaporize concentrates.


A spike of metal that’s essential for a dab or globe rig used. 

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