Chefs Changing the Game with Cannabis


By Rolling Up

The food world is filled with an endless realm of possibilities. The relationship between food and cannabis pairings have changed for the better and people are starting to realize the possibilities out there to erase the stigma of edibles. It’s no longer something chefs have to hide. 

Chris Sayegh


Before Sayegh became a chef, he studied molecular cell biology. Sayegh launched The Herbal Chef in 2015, staging private dinners that cost upwards of $500 in 25 courses. Sayegh draws from his Labanese heritage for his food and is known to find a fine balance and maneuvers the flavor of cannabis in his dishes. 

Andrea Drummer


Andrea is a LA-based chef who has pioneered the weed infused movement in food with the first cannabis restaurant in America, The Original Cannabis Cafe. She’s defining what it means to open a cannabis restaurant in the age of legalization. The trained Le-Cordon Bleu chef has hosted cannabis culinary events since 2012. At The Original Cannabis Cafe, you will find comfort foods like smashburgers and fries alongside flowers, blunts, and joints on the menu, which is pretty awesome if you think about it. You can also catch Drummer on Cooking on High on Netflix. 

Scott Durrah


Scott Durrah and his wife Wanda James are industry leaders and advocates for cannabis. In 2009, Scott and his wife, Wanda James, opened the first dispensary in Colorado. The Apothecary of Colorado was the first African American owned dispensary, followed by Simply Pure Medicated Edibles in 2010. The product line includes sweet and savory, organic, gluten-free and vegan selection such as marinara sauce, mango chutney, and apple preserves. He is known for developing healthy, consistent, and safe cannabis safe Carribean style cuisine. In addition to running his business, he also cooks for retired professionals suffering from pain. 

Miguel Trinidad


Miguel is best known for his company, 99th Floor, an underground dinner party that features high-end dishes infused with selected cannabis strains including infused lobster risotto, infused steak tartare, sour diesel fried chicken. These parties are reserved for the big players in the field and are invite-only.

Matt Stockard


Matt Stockard aka Chef Matt has provided private dining experiences and catering services for government officials, athletes and celebrities. He is also the founder and owner of GanjaEats, a collection of THC-infused and CBD edible products. Education is one of his core values and he’s trying to change the stigma of edibles and show people how to do it responsibly. 

Gwenelle Parks


Despite the fact that Maryland isn’t legalized, Gwenelle Parks and her husband Will have been offering classes on how to prepare cannabis infused food to the Baltimore community for three years now.

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