Cannabis Cold Brew Coffee

By Rolling Up

If you’re looking to cut the bitterness from your coffee and have a refreshing drink to wake up to you’re in the right place. 


1 cup of whole coffee beans

4 cups of filtered water

½ cup of cannabis infused heavy cream or any cannabis infused milk


Coffee or spice grinder

2 quart mason jar

Small strainer


  1. Coarsely grind your coffee in 1 second pulses. The end result looks like corn meal and not a fine powder. 
  2. Transfer coffee grounds into the jar and cover it with filtered water. Use a spoon to make sure the grounds are fully mixed in with the water. 
  3. Cover and steep overnight for 12 hours. 
  4. Strain the coffee using a small strainer and a cheesecloth. Pour the coffee through the strainer. 
  5. You can store the coffee in a jar or bottle for a week.
  6. Serve the coffee with cannabis infused milk. Enjoy!

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