Breaking the Myth on Cannabis Bonsai Plants

By Rolling Up

Cannabis bonsai plants are real and not a myth. The artful bonsai plants have become a hobby for some cannabis enthusiasts. We are here to shed light on the Google searches that claim bonsai are easy to grow. 

Bonsais are essentially miniature trees. It refers to a growing technique used to keep trees at a small size. It is not easy as it looks and this topic has been a topic of discussion over the years. Bonsai plants have a long, rich history tracing back to as early as 700AD in Japan and China. The word bonsai means, “planted in container.” Bonsai plants are artistic endeavors that take years of cultivation and care. By planting these trees in small containers, the ability to absorb nutrients and minerals is limited, resulting in the miniature size of the plant. 

The primary reason why cannabis consumers pursue clone clippings. Clone clippings are a little piece of plant that has been cut off from a parent plant and then given an opportunity to grow roots of their own. Another benefit of growing a bonsai plant is that it is a space and money saver. 

If you want to grow your own cannabis bonsai plant, there are a few considerations to make. When selecting a plant to grow, select a healthy, sturdy, and a plant that is at least two months old before starting. It’s an art project that allows room for experimentation. Experiment with strains that you love. 

How to grow a cannabis bonsai plant

Step 1: The first step to growing a cannabis bonsai plant is to select a relatively small container and prepare the pot. If your container doesn’t have holes, you will need to drill holes to create a wiring system with twine to train your plant. 

Step 2: It’s important to select a cutting that will produce quality flowers. After you plant it you will need to grab a small wooden stake to help train the plant’s main stem. Press the stake close to the plant and make sure not to damage any of the roots by doing it gently.

Step 3: The next step to taking care of your bonsai is to train your stems with twine. If you want your branches to grow more horizontally tie them down with more force. If you prefer it to be more vertical then tie the string loosely. When tying make sure to to leave room so it doesn’t cause any constriction in the plants.

Step 4: Pruning must be part of upkeep for your canna bonsai plant to maintain its shape. 

The length of time depends on how long the cannabis plants last. Cannabis is always in a vegetative state. Growers have found that sativa plants last longer than indica plants when it comes to growing cannabis bonsai plants, but many trees don’t come back after they flower. Growing bonsai is more about doing it for the art and enjoyment. The reward lies in the beauty of the creation as a whole. 

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