6 Ways to Conserve Your Weed

By Rolling Up

While it’s so easy to spend money on large amounts of weed, especially in a time of crisis there comes a point in every smoker’s life to cut back and make some realistic financial adjustments. Saving money is one of the keys to success and well-being for yourself. If you’re smoking on a budget here are some financially savvy techniques and steps you can take to take weed further. 

Save the kief

There’s nothing better than opening the chamber to your grinder and finding a mountain of dusty kief. It’s the most potent part of the plant and you don’t want to let it go to waste. It requires no tools of any kind. Invest in a good grinder with a kief catcher. You can store it in a jar in a cool dark place and sprinkle it on your existing bud or smoke it alone when the occasion calls for it. 

Space out your smoking

It might be indulgent to smoke one joint after another. The high will be much more rewarding if you space out your smoking and not consume it fast. Over time, you can intentionally train your body to intake less weed. 

Put away the rolling papers

Glassware is your friend. It’s so easy to stuff a gram of weed into a joint and before you know it, the whole joint is gone in a blink of an eye. Try taking it easy on the papers and smoke with a bowl or a pipe. You’re much more conscious of the amount you’re using.

Buy in bulk and distribute your weed for the number of days that it’s meant to last

If you’re naturally organized, this method might be for you. You can use weekly pill box organizers and drop a portion you want for each day of the week to organize and ration appropriately.

Say no to mooches

This may be a hard one if you enjoy smoking with your friends. If you cut off one of your friends that comes around every time you smoke then you’ll be saving a ton of money on weed. We’re talking about those friends that never seem to have weed.

Set a cannabis budget

Setting a monthly budget can help you overspend on any weed. It will be hard at first, but hold yourself accountable and exercise self control. 

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