6 Best Cannabis Podcasts Right Now

By Rolling Up

The cannabis industry is a shifting landscape and there’s a lot of valuable information. Over the past few years cannabis podcasts have infiltrated iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and other podcasting platforms. It’s no secret that people love to zone out and fall into episodes on their favorite topic. We’re here to share a list with you on highly entertaining and educational podcasts on cannabis. 

  • Getting Doug with High
  • Doug Benson is a well-known comedian in the cannabis space. Guests on the show are usually getting high with Doug. Appearances on the show in the past include Greg Proops, Reggie Watts, Tommy Chong, Jack Black just to name a few. Listeners learn about strains and smoking accessories. Segments in the show include High History, Pot Topics, Pot Quiz Hop Shot, and #HeavyMonkey. 

  • Dude Grows Show 
  • This podcast covers cannabis culture, news, and growing with clear insights for those interested in learning more about the behind the scenes of cannabis. This is a perfect podcast to listen to if you’re passionate about growing. 

  • On Something
  • On Something looks at stories from the political, legal, and cultural perspective and how legalization is affecting society today. Its engaging storytelling and narratives is the perfect way to learn more about the cannabis industry on a deeper level. 

  • The Pot Cast
  • An in-depth look at cannabis breeding and culture by interviewing industry experts. Episodes reach around 3 hours, which gives a listener plenty of time to sift through the information. 

  • Great Moments in Weed History
  • Cannabis may seem like a mainstream hot topic, but humans have been interacting with cannabis for decades. Hosts Abdulla Saeed and David Bienenstock explore the complex and fascinating history of cannabis. It's fun and informative. 

  • High Friends
  • Hosts Rachel Colic and Gill Plard feature female guests around the US to discuss all aspects of cannabis and the industry itself. The conversations are broad in range. It’s a podcast for women who love cannabis.

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