5 Glass and Pipe Artists That You Should Follow

By Rolling Up

It’s hard to deny the beauty of glass smoking pieces. Glass artists are pioneering creative ways to form, shape, and create beautiful smoking mechanisms that are masterpieces. The price range on these works of art can range from $15 for a small piece like a pendant or $10,000 for something extravagant. If you’re looking for a pipe or rig for a special occasion, there’s an artist out there for you. If you’re not ready to blow the money on an extravagant creation then no worries, we wanted to highlight these beautiful artists to follow and keep up with on their glassmaking journey.

Hondo Glass

Based in: Seattle, Washington

Followers: 37,000

Hondo Pinzon started learning about glass in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He worked with local artists making spoons and other basics and progressed as an artist from there. He has crafted a signature look to his work with a pineapple pattern on his pieces. He collaborates with artists around the country and is continuing to gain wide recognition in his work. 

Dani Girl Glass

Based in: Eugene, Oregon

Followers: 22,700 

With over 10 years of glassblowing experience, Dani has drawn inspiration from her childhood from some of her favorite cartoon characters like Pokemon, Angry Beavers, and Rocko’s Modern Life and has adapted it into her work. She has the ability to share her techniques with her audience and collaborates with artists. Sometimes the collaborations cost upward of $10,000. 


Based in: Austin, TX

Followers: 208,000 

Saltglass has entrenched himself as one of the most creative and influential around with his level of precision. He designs pieces with monster teeth, creepy faces, and lifelike features that are well garnered by the community. The purpose of his pieces are meant to be interactive and fun. 

Scolari Glass

Based in: Ollala, Washington

Followers: 25,600

Josh Scolari has a passion for art and life and it translates naturally into his work. He distinguishes himself from the glass artist crowd through his exaggerated pieces, enlarging mouthpieces and sandblasting his work that gives it a unique look. 

Chunk Glass

Based in: Humboldt, California

Followers: 24,800

The spirit of the pieces that Chunk creates is fun spirited. His inspiration draws from growing up in his parent’s candy store. He’s most famous for his matching sets, but there’s no limit to what he can make: jewelry, blunt glass tips, rigs, Sherlocks, and chiliums. 

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